Last Updated on April 2, 2016


Grace Bible Church in Cohoes, NY represents 30+ years of a Bible preaching and teaching ministry of Dr. Terry L. Beckwith. Having received his Master of Arts degree from Bob Jones University he went on to obtain his Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Studies from Covington Theological Seminary.
His messages are expository Bible filled messages emphasizing how the Bible relates to our every day affairs. His knowledge of the Word and his love for people has enabled him through counseling sessions to see many individuals reconciled with God and with others. If you are experiencing a broken relationship please call him for a free counseling session.

Our name: ‘Grace Bible Church’ describes who we are:

Grace: We teach and preach one is saved by grace and grace alone.

Bible: We teach and preach the Word of God. If you are interested in becoming more knowledgeable of the Bible, and how it applies to your life, then Grace Bible is the place for you.

Church: We are a ‘Local Independent Church’ which means that we are not affiliated with a denomination, but are made up of professing believers who are desirous of ministering to one another with our gifts and goods.

For more details please see our constitution.