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Pastor Terry L Beckwith
Writing from Ephesus, Paul addresses the Corinthian church on vital matters of Christian living and testimony.  The letter is made up of responses to questions the church asked him in a previous letter to him, as well as correction that became necessary on account of negative reports that came to Paul from others in the church. Far from old, archaic, or irrelevant topics of discussion, this book is timely to our day – stressing the same themes of sanctification in Christ that we need to hear now – especially with the state of the church at large. Listen as Dr. Terry L. Beckwith opens to us the study of this book – a book about our modern day church.

Pastor Ries Barlow
The beatitudes represent key teachings of Christ on what it means to live as a child of God.  They begin what is commonly known as the Sermon on the Mount.  Those that want to know how to live the blessed life will want to listen in on Christ’s succinct, yet profound and promising insight.

current Sunday school series

Craig Baker
The book of the Revelation has been seen as the most difficult book of the Bible to understand. Join in to hear Craig’s in-depth study that will take the mystery out of the Apostle John’s book that foretells world history nearly 2,000 years ago.