our purpose

As a local assembly of believers, we strive to see man reconciled to God through the proclamation of His Word, for the express purpose of being conformed to the image of His Son.

our leadership

Dr. Terry L Beckwith, Pastor

Pastor Beckwith is the founding pastor of Grace Bible Church.  He and his wife, Teresa, have faithfully ministered here since the founding of the church in August of 1980.  Pastor Beckwith did his undergraduate work at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC, and earned his Ph. D. from Covington Theological Seminary in Fort Oglethorpe, GA.  Pastor Beckwith has an extensive background in biblical counseling and has helped countless individuals, couples and families restore their relationships to God and one another to the glory of God.

James M Johnson, Associate Pastor

Pastor Johnson came to Grace Bible Church as a Pastoral Intern immediately after his undergraduate studies at Bob Jones University in 2004. He was ordained to the ministry by the church two years later and became the Associate Pastor in 2006. In 2007, Pastor Johnson was called to be the Senior Pastor of a smaller start-up work in Queensbury, NY.  Unfortunately, the prolonged recession of that time and inconsistent, declining membership over the next four years caused the start-up to come to a close in 2011. At the same time, churches across America were suffering the same kind of decline and found no need or ability to take on additional staff.  So, Pastor Johnson returned to Grace Bible Church, where he served in various non-pastoral capacities as a lay person for the next twelve years (working in finance and being a graphic designer by trade). At the beginning of April 2023, Grace Bible Church once again called upon Pastor Johnson to take up the role of Associate Pastor, where he enthusiastically serves with his wife, Denise, and four children. Pastor Johnson is also the Chaplain of the Boght Community Fire District, which is a capacity he’s had the privilege to serve in since 2006. 

Trent Beckwith, Deacon

Trent and his wife, Missy, have been an integral part of the ministry of Grace Bible Church since their graduation from college at Bob Jones University and return to the area to minister with Trent’s family.  Trent serves not only as a deacon, but also the Youth Ministry Leader of the church and the church treasurer.  Missy is the primary church pianist.

Frank Behr, Deacon

Frank and his wife, Lonnie, have been long time members of Grace Bible Church.  Frank has faithfully served as not only a deacon, but also as the church Secretary and Sunday School Superintendent.  He is an integral part of the education of church membership through the various Sunday School ministries.

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